Borrowed & Blue Q&A!


My Pals over at Borrowed & Blue – a fantastic source for Nola Vendors –    got in the touch the other day to learn more about the wedding photography scene over here in NOLA
Here is my Q&A from Helen!

As Helen, Borrowed & Blue’s New Orleans Market Specialist, says

We all know New Orleans weddings are special”, but they’re unique, too, and couples need unique vendors to carry out their amazing vision. That’s where people like Elizabeth from ERayPhoto come in! At Borrowed & Blue, we know everyone in the world deserves a beautiful wedding; Elizabeth works particularly with couples who have offbeat, creative sensibilities, and her photographic eye helps to set the tone and preserve the memories of their awesome wedding days. Between Elizabeth’s local NOLA knowledge and her cool-meets-quirky aesthetic, she’s a perfect fit for cool New Orleans couples, and we can’t wait to learn more about her business!”

– Helen, Borrowed & Blue’s New Orleans Market Specialist


Here’s our Q&A:




Hey Elizabeth! How did you get started as a photographer?

I found an old film camera in a drawer about 15 years ago  and it was true love <3
When i started out I used to have friends come over  to dress in ballgowns and we’d take pictures.
Weddings are pretty similar 😉  I’ve been shooting them over 10 years!

Share an image with us that you think sums up your photographic aesthetic—and tell us why: 

I wanted to pick something that was unique and full of color.   Wedding photography can be anything you want it to be!



What is your favorite question to ask couples when you meet them for the first time?

Oh yes! I love to ask couples tell me three words to describe their wedding day …   These descriptions often channel a mood with the photography because most people describe colors, emotions, songs, places.   With Photography you can bring out that mood with scenery and light. I think your gut reaction to that question taps into the style of photography you are seeking.    What are your three words?



Do you have a favorite moment in a wedding day to photograph?

Moment wise i enjoy people just being themselves. There’s a lot of expectation  packed with these events so its nice to shoot people off the grid having a good time.



Do you have a favorite aspect of your job?

What I enjoy is  when you shoot , or paint, or do any creative job  you’re always learning, evolving, and changing. Wedding Photography  has room to be different every time and it’s been fun to play around with the new trends like tilt shift lenses,  double exposures,  or shoot new wedding idea trends (thanks pinterest)   I guess specifically I look forward to people that dress their dogs up at weddings.  Let’s take a real moment to appreciate dogs with better style than any of us.


What are some of your favorite places to photograph in the area?

All the crumbles.  New Orleans is a weathered wonderland.  The French Quarter is top of any list  but let me give you some scenery treasures to google:
The  dreamy swamp  beach in Fountainbleau State Park,  the mississippi river and city views  over by Cresent Park in the Bywater, and  the flower field in city park.

fountainbleau_bridal01Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.44.38 AM
New Orleans has so many fun wedding traditions. Name your favorite!

I love the cajun tradition where they make the unmarried older siblings dance with a broom.
The last wedding that did the broom tradition they  put a wig,  lipstick,  and bra on the broom.  #wasdying

What makes a New Orleans wedding different from a wedding in another part of the country

It’s probably the to-go cup’s at the end of the wedding BUT
I will answer this question with a photograph.

Boubon_Orleans_wedding-38We hope you enjoyed the Q&A! Make sure you check out Borrowed & Blue, too; it’s a great place to find New Orleans wedding planners.









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Evan & Erica : The Columns Hotel : {New Orleans}


Evan– One word to describe EricaPrincess
Erica – One word to describe EvanGoofy!


How did you two meet?We met each other in 2004 while in 8th grade, and happen to be each other’s first kiss! We were both out with our group of friends who were meeting up at the mall. I happened to sit on a bench next to Evan who promptly pick me up, put me on his lap, and said “Hi, I’m Evan.”

columnswedding_neworleans-15columnswedding_neworleans-16What’s the engagement story?

We only dated for a few months in 8th grade but reconnected via Facebook while in college. We were laying in bed one night and I just turned over to Evan, and said “We should get married!”

columnswedding_neworleans-20columnswedding_neworleans-21columnswedding_neworleans-22columnswedding_neworleans-23columnswedding_neworleans-24columnswedding_neworleans-25columnswedding_neworleans-26columnswedding_neworleans-27Tell us about the wedding day and what you planned?

We both wanted a traditional New Orleans wedding since we were planning to move out of state at the end of the summer for Evan to attend grad school. My family and I have been coming to The Columns for Mardi Gras for about 15 years, and Evan the last 5, so we knew it would be the perfect location for us. We always enjoyed the gorgeous architecture, and watching the street car pass by on the balcony. We both wanted to make sure we had a great time, and enjoyed ourselves dancing the night away so a band was a must. We have both said our wedding day was absolutely everything we wanted,


One word to describe the married life? togetherness


Any vendors you would like to list?
Venue: The Columns
Band: Refried Confuzion
Tuxedos: John’s Tuxedo
Dress: Covet Bridal
Bridal Sash: Helena Noelle Couture
Cake: Haydel’s Bakery
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Jason & Melissa : Tree of Life & Flower Field City Park {New Orleans}


Melissa  : One word to describe Jay: Perfect

Jay : One word to describe Melissa: Angelictreeoflife_nola-2treeoflife_nola-3treeoflife_nola-4treeoflife_nola-5treeoflife_nola-6How did you two meet?: We met in the summer of 2006. Jay and his friends rented a summer beach home with a few girls from their hometown. One of those girls was my best friend at the time. One weekend I came down to visit her and I stayed at the beach home the entire weekend. At night Jay made burgers for us as late-night snacks and in the morning made us lattes and breakfast. All the girls kept saying what an amazing husband he would make somebody someday.  I never would have guessed that ten years later that somebody is me. treeoflife_nola-7treeoflife_nola-8treeoflife_nola-9treeoflife_nola-10treeoflife_nola-11treeoflife_nola-12treeoflife_nola-13Whats the engagement story? We first visited New Orleans in 2013, and fell in love with the culture, food, music and people of this amazingly eclectic and unique city. We saw a wedding take place in Jackson Square and I told Jay that this is where I wanted to get married one day. In October 2015, he suggested we travel here with my father to watch their favorite sports team, the NY Giants, play the New Orleans Saints. Two days before the game we were sightseeing and walked through Audubon Park. When we arrived at the Tree of Life he dropped to one knee in front of my father and presented me with a beautiful pink diamond ring!treeoflife_nola-14treeoflife_nola-15treeoflife_nola-16treeoflife_nola-17treeoflife_nola-18treeoflife_nola-19treeoflife_nola-20treeoflife_nola-21treeoflife_nola-22treeoflife_nola-23treeoflife_nola-24treeoflife_nola-25treeoflife_nola-26treeoflife_nola-27treeoflife_nola-28treeoflife_nola-29treeoflife_nola-30treeoflife_nola-31Tell us about your upcoming wedding!! Our wedding will be a small, intimate, destination wedding with only our closest friends and family. Location yet to be determined… 🙂treeoflife_nola-32


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Vlad & Jessica : Maison Dupuy : {New Orleans}


Jessica – One word to describe Vlad
Dedicated (only one word isn’t fair!)
Vlad – One word to describe Jessica


frenchquarter_wedding-10How did you two meet?
We met through a mutual friend at a bowling alley, I thought he was young handsome trouble; we’re three years apart. Little did I know, the only trouble I was in, was falling hard over Vlad.


Whats the engagement story? 
Vlad had given Jessica a Christmas present promising a boat trip that took them to a private island for a picnic. Jessica had been under the weather but she wanted to enjoy the thoughtful gift Vlad had planned. When they arrived on the private island, Jessica saw a huge gathering under a gazebo and thought they crashed a wedding or some other event. Little did she know that Vlad had all of their family and friends waiting for them and holding a sign reading “Will you marry me?” After the proposal they ate, drank and celebrated with everyone they love. It was heaven on earth!


Tell us about  the wedding day and what you planned?
After looking locally for a couple months, we decided to follow our hearts and host a destination wedding in New Orleans. It was the first city we visited together as a couple and the first that came to mind for an amazing wedding locale. It was a bit stressful planning from afar but we couldn’t have been happier with how things turned out! Our family and friends were able to experience the city that stole our hearts and we were able to celebrate our love in a place that helped it blossom in the first place. Our favorite things are food, friends, family and dancing, so what better place to encompass who we are than NOLA. 


How was the cake?
We have to be honest and say that we barely tasted the cake. We were too busy enjoying the night to have tried any of the desserts. From our prior tastings we know it was delicious and can’t wait to have the top tier on our first wedding anniversary. 


One word to describe the married life?
Bliss (Sorry if that’s corny but we honestly couldn’t be happier).


Any vendors you would like to list?
E Ray was the absolute bomb! She took our vision and brought it to life in a way neither of us could imagine. We wanted everyone to understand why we chose New Orleans and that completely comes through in our pictures. 
Our wedding planner, Weddings By Lulu and her incredible team are the ultimate! Lulu and Alex brought our dream wedding to life when we didn’t even know where to start. Her knowledge of the industry can’t be matched and she does an outstanding job at being an in town liaison for out of town brides. 
Just Face It Beauty did such an amazing job on our hair and make-up. Not only did they pump out 10 bridesmaids, they also did a beautiful job on the mother’s and extended family members. Their professionalism and skills in the art of hair and make-up are truly awe inspiring. 
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Heather & Erica : Omni Hotel {New Orleans}


Heather – One word to describe Erica :Compassionate

Erica – One word to describe Heather : Strong


How did you two meet?

We met in Washington, DC in early February of 2014. From the second we started sending each other messages on OKCupid, there was an instantaneous connection that grew stronger every day. It was basically love at first message!


What’s the engagement story?

Erica: I knew Heather wanted a really big romantic gesture for getting engaged, even if she downplayed it. So I decided to trick her, I convinced her that we would talk about getting married once we made our big move from Virginia to Seattle, however I had other plans.

Heather: Erica and I had talked about getting married once we got to Seattle, and I was actually going to propose to her. I wanted to plan a big romantic adventure around our future home, but she beat me to it. We were planning on visiting Erica’s maid of honor, Holt, further South in Virginia for her birthday. We got all dressed up for a fun dinner, but little did I know that it was more than just a birthday dinner.

Erica: When I was convincing Heather that were would get engaged, I told Heather that I really wanted a grand romantic gesture since I was the one who usually does those things. But secretly I was planning on doing the same for her when she was least expecting it. I arranged with my friend Holt who worked on a local plantation for a romantic encounter in the garden at night. I had Holt secretly place Christmas lights around a bench and make a bouquet of flowers from one of the historical gardens. That night, as we walked in the dark looking at the stars, the bench suddenly lit up (Thanks to Holt stealthily hiding in the bushes and waiting to hear our voices!)

Heather: I was a bit confused at first, and just thought they were motion-censored. Erica reached under the bench and handed be some beautiful flowers, but I just thought she was being romantic like she always is. But once I sat down, Erica got down on one knee and I knew. She was proposing. I can’t remember what exactly she said because I was just so filled with joy, love, and thoughts that I had finally found someone who could stand by my side for life. The moment was so perfect. I said yes of course.


Tell us about the wedding day and what you planned?

Our wedding day went really well! There were not a lot of issues, and when something did happen, our friends and family were amazing and took care it! We had planned on not seeing each other the entire day before the ceremony and reception, but we were too nervous and only hid from each other once we started putting our outfits on and getting our hair and makeup done. Our friends and family were so kind to us and kept us calm and really helped us make sure we were happy and stress free. Planning from Seattle, WA for a wedding in New Orleans was difficult, but we hired amazing local vendors and had hotel staff who made sure everything went perfectly. The easy part was choosing everything, vendors, decorations, colors, etc. because we have such similar taste. Mostly, we just wanted to get married, and we didn’t stress to much about what we picked out and it all kind of just fell into place. We just wanted all of our friends and family in one place for a grand party! The whole day went by way to quickly, and we wish we could do it all over again, but with less planning!



One word to describe the married life?


Any vendors you would like to list?

·     Omni Royal Orleans Hotel
·     Party-Tyme Productions DJ & MC Services
·     Urban Earth Design Studios
·     Swiss Confectionery
·     Fabulous Cake Stands by Nola B
·     Bridal 911 by Joy
·     A special shout out to Eray for taking BEAUTIFUL memorable pictures for our special day!

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