Greg & Ami {Royal Street & Bywater} New Orleans

Graffiti + cute dog + a stroll down royal street  🙂

Ami : One word to describe Greg: artful

Greg : One word to describe Ami : nostalgic

How did you two meet?

We became acquainted in a Classic Camera group on Myspace.  Greg liked how Ami lurked in the shadows and provided constructive criticism and Ami appreciated Greg’s technical aptitude and wit.  Realizing they had a mutual friend, a couple months later they arranged to meet at a central train station and go into NYC for the day to take pictures.  Ami thought it was a great idea, since she’d be able to escape home if Greg ended up being creepy.  Greg even brought a quirky and lighthearted  photography classmate to act as a buffer just in case Ami turned out to be crazy.  A strong friendship ensued and six months later they succumbed to the fact that they were in a relationship after a memorable road-trip to Montreal.

What’s the engagement story?

Ami was not the little girl who dreamt of her wedding day, but something changed when they followed their hearts to New Orleans and the walls on her “never want to get married” vault began to come down.It all started on a beautiful December day when we rode our bikes to the French Quarter, had an amazing brunch, and browsed various galleries and antique stores. Next in line was a jewelry store on Royal Street. Ami was peering at some non-wedding-stone-jewelry and this is when Greg found the stunning, unique Art Deco ring.  Greg asked Ami to try it on and she lit up, which he took as a sign that she was finally more open to the idea of marriage.Needless to say, this ring had been haunting Ami as if there was a connection to the previous owner that made it just feel like it was a ring that had been waiting for her.  When the world didn’t end on 12/21/2012, which was also Greg’s birthday, he thought it would be the perfect opportunity to make the day memorable in a positive way.

That night, Greg brought up that he had gone back to the jewelry store, but the ring had sold.  The moment turns into a blur from this point for Ami, but Greg recalls that she told him that he “ruined [her] Christmas.”  As Ami is about to cry, Greg says “but it could be yours if you say Yes.”  Ami does not recall ever experiencing such a wide range of emotions over the course of five minutes.  At dinner afterwards, the sparkly ring on Ami’s finger was proof that she was finally willing to let the long-term relationship begin its next chapter. 

Tell us about the wedding day and what you are planning?
We are arranging an intimate, vintage-inspired ceremony at the New Orleans Pharmacy Museum surrounded by our closest friends and family on October 10, 2014.  We are still exploring the particulars, but hope to be able to incorporate aspects that we love most about New Orleans to share with our out-of-town guests including the music, food, history, and atmosphere. 

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