Chris + Krysten {Married}

{A New Orleans Elopement} Audubon Park

trees + love

Chris – One word to describe Krysten – Magnificent
Krysten – One word to describe Chris – Brillant

How did you two meet?
A chance introduction by a mutual acquaintance: Flying in from Chicago, Krysten needed a ride to a conference in Minneapolis. Chris had a car and a knowledge of local traffic that only a townie could possess. Neither anticipated that a quick stop at a Starbucks would catalyze the chain reaction that brought us to where we are today.

What’s the elopement story! Tell us what you planned!
Elope! We just couldn’t see ourselves in front of 200 people in a white dress and a tux (White isn’t Chris’ color ;-). We desired simplicity and fiscal solvency, and felt neither would impede our ability to make this day our own. With just our own opinions to contend with, it was really easy design a day perfect for us – it reflected our individuality and partnership.

Krysten fell in love with New Orleans, and she thought (correctly) Chris would too. Using the power of the Internet and her superior research skills, Krysten locked in everything for the ceremony and trip—photographer, musicians, minister, bed and breakfast, etc—in about 10 hours across 5 days in September. Impressed, Chris used his supreme wordsmithing to sculpt the ceremony itself. Team work made the dream work, as it often does.

Our ceremony was beautiful; the musicians pitch-perfect, the officiant eloquent and sincere, the photographer, well, just LOOK! She’s incredible. The only hiccup was that the tree we all fell in love with was just off a fairway on a golf course. It was a tough sell, but we pulled off the ceremony and the first dance without anyone getting beaned by a golf ball (though during Chris’ vows, everyone ducked a little when someone teed off).

Limitless gratitude to Elizabeth, Marilyn, Ashley, Alexandra and that gruff groundskeeper who finally caved and let us get hitched under the oldest oak in the park (after we assumed liability for ourselves and our party).

One word to describe the Married life?


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