Megan and Jonathan {Married}

{New Orleans}

Monopoly + Seerucker

City Park Peristyle and Pavilion of Two Sisters

Where did you get:
the seersucker wedding dress? Etsy– “Annabel an Ruby” is the name of the shop
the headpiece – Etsy– Yo Hatter Hatter (from Baton Rouge)
the suit! Etsy– MacheteNSons
the monopoly shoes – Etsy– MerloDesigns
the monopoly cake!! Me and Jonathan’s mom made it (Mrs Leisa is her name)

How delicious was the monopoly cake? It was perfection

Megan an unforgettable wedding memory: second lining with the dixie cups
Jonathan: an unforgettable  wedding memory: not killing ourselves on the tandem bike

One word to describe the married life: Does a phrase count? Cuz I’d say, “getting better all the time.”

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