Jason & Melissa : Tree of Life & Flower Field City Park {New Orleans}


Melissa  : One word to describe Jay: Perfect

Jay : One word to describe Melissa: Angelictreeoflife_nola-2treeoflife_nola-3treeoflife_nola-4treeoflife_nola-5treeoflife_nola-6How did you two meet?: We met in the summer of 2006. Jay and his friends rented a summer beach home with a few girls from their hometown. One of those girls was my best friend at the time. One weekend I came down to visit her and I stayed at the beach home the entire weekend. At night Jay made burgers for us as late-night snacks and in the morning made us lattes and breakfast. All the girls kept saying what an amazing husband he would make somebody someday.  I never would have guessed that ten years later that somebody is me. treeoflife_nola-7treeoflife_nola-8treeoflife_nola-9treeoflife_nola-10treeoflife_nola-11treeoflife_nola-12treeoflife_nola-13Whats the engagement story? We first visited New Orleans in 2013, and fell in love with the culture, food, music and people of this amazingly eclectic and unique city. We saw a wedding take place in Jackson Square and I told Jay that this is where I wanted to get married one day. In October 2015, he suggested we travel here with my father to watch their favorite sports team, the NY Giants, play the New Orleans Saints. Two days before the game we were sightseeing and walked through Audubon Park. When we arrived at the Tree of Life he dropped to one knee in front of my father and presented me with a beautiful pink diamond ring!treeoflife_nola-14treeoflife_nola-15treeoflife_nola-16treeoflife_nola-17treeoflife_nola-18treeoflife_nola-19treeoflife_nola-20treeoflife_nola-21treeoflife_nola-22treeoflife_nola-23treeoflife_nola-24treeoflife_nola-25treeoflife_nola-26treeoflife_nola-27treeoflife_nola-28treeoflife_nola-29treeoflife_nola-30treeoflife_nola-31Tell us about your upcoming wedding!! Our wedding will be a small, intimate, destination wedding with only our closest friends and family. Location yet to be determined… 🙂treeoflife_nola-32


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