Nick & Juliet : Degas House {New Orleans, LA}

DegasHouse_wedding-1DegasHouse_wedding-2DegasHouse_wedding-3DegasHouse_wedding-4How did you two meet? Our story started quite a while ago, right after hurricane Katrina. We met at a training session when we got hired at a fondue restaurant. I was a server, he was an assistant. My tables were always the first cleaned. Since we each had existing grand plans to move far away, I thought, eh, this probably isn’t going anywhere. 10 years later, here we are.DegasHouse_wedding-5DegasHouse_wedding-6DegasHouse_wedding-7DegasHouse_wedding-8DegasHouse_wedding-9DegasHouse_wedding-10Whats the engagement story? The first time we ever traveled together was when he came to visit me in Paris while I was studying abroad, so for a long time he had imagined proposing in France. But when I planned a trip to Italy, he felt it was the perfect moment. We visited an art museum in a castle in beautiful Verona. It was a really off-season time of year, so not a soul was around. We were on this bridge; I was walking ahead of him being goofy and dancing around, and I turned around and he was on one knee.DegasHouse_wedding-11DegasHouse_wedding-12DegasHouse_wedding-13DegasHouse_wedding-14DegasHouse_wedding-15DegasHouse_wedding-16DegasHouse_wedding-17DegasHouse_wedding-18DegasHouse_wedding-19
DegasHouse_wedding-24DegasHouse_wedding-25DegasHouse_wedding-26DegasHouse_wedding-27DegasHouse_wedding-28Tell us about the wedding day and what you planned? Knowing how stressful wedding planning can be, we seriously considered eloping, but ultimately decided to have a (relatively) intimate wedding in Nic’s hometown and our former place of residence. I mean, who does a celebration better than New Orleans? Primarily we wanted it to be a totally NOLA experience (we had about half out-of-town guests) with great food, awesome music, outside under the trees. We ended up with a gorgeous courtyard, plenty of red beans, gumbo, and crawfish pasta, and Big Sam. Mission accomplished.DegasHouse_wedding-29DegasHouse_wedding-30DegasHouse_wedding-31DegasHouse_wedding-32DegasHouse_wedding-33DegasHouse_wedding-34
DegasHouse_wedding-36DegasHouse_wedding-37DegasHouse_wedding-38DegasHouse_wedding-39DegasHouse_wedding-40DegasHouse_wedding-41DegasHouse_wedding-42DegasHouse_wedding-43DegasHouse_wedding-44DegasHouse_wedding-45DegasHouse_wedding-46DegasHouse_wedding-47DegasHouse_wedding-48DegasHouse_wedding-49DegasHouse_wedding-50DegasHouse_wedding-51DegasHouse_wedding-52DegasHouse_wedding-53DegasHouse_wedding-54DegasHouse_wedding-55DegasHouse_wedding-56DegasHouse_wedding-57DegasHouse_wedding-58DegasHouse_wedding-59DegasHouse_wedding-60DegasHouse_wedding-61DegasHouse_wedding-62DegasHouse_wedding-63How was the cake? Awesome! I could go for some right now.DegasHouse_wedding-64One word to describe the married life? Comforting (like a warm blanket)DegasHouse_wedding-65Any Vendors you would like to list: Degas House, Big Sam’s Funky Nation, Pick-a-Petal, Haydel’s Bakery, Keeka Productions

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