Shane & Meghan : Race & Religious Wedding {New Orleans, LA}


How did the two of you meet: We met the very first week of law school when our group of friends decided to grab lunch at Domilise’s.  Neither of us had eaten there before (I was always a Parkway Tavern fan) – little did we know that it would eventually become one of our favorite po-boy spots as a couple!


What’s the Engagement Story?  We were on a hike in Lake Tahoe with our dog, Okra. When we got to a beautiful lookout point, Shane acted like he was bending down to pet Okra, but when I looked over, he was on one knee.  Neither of us remember what he said.  We just remember laughing, crying, and soaking up the first moments of engaged life in beautiful Tahoe.


Wedding Day: Planning a wedding remotely is hard!!  Shane and I live in San Francisco, so my mom was a lifesaver when it came to the wedding.  She provided all the handmade touches and spent countless hours making sure everything was perfect.  Our day was so special because of her attention to detail.

Race&Religious_Wedding-45Race&Religious_Wedding-46One Word to Describe Married Life:  TOUGH! Just kidding. From our very first date, we knew we would get married. It’s so special to finally be able to call ourselves husband and wife.Race&Religious_Wedding-47

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